I applied PTCL for a Wi-fi connection in June this year. According to the PTCL ad in the newspapers I was to get this connection within a week. However nothing transpired and one month passed. Then someone from PTCL rang me up asking if I had applied for Wi-fi. This was like a joke. I said yes. Then I lodged a complaint. Nothing happened. Another complaint and still no result. Ultimately, I placed a letter in these columns that was published on September 3. That worked like a magic as if the jinn Baba of Aladin's lamp had suddenly come into action. By next day the device had been installed. In the meanwhile I had several telephones from the top officials in PTCL, though not very senior. Through these columns now I wish to thank Mr. Sajid Qureshi in Lahore and Saba Noor in Islamabad for showing concern. I am also grateful to Arshad Ali who came on his motorbike and instantly installed the device. It took him five minutes. I am grateful to all these people. Thank you PTCL. Keep it up. You are the only uncorrupted institution. MAXIM CARTOONIST, Lahore, September 9.