OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has made an appeal to civil society, doctors, teachers, students, politicians, workers and all segments of the society to join the ongoing campaign against dengue virus as collective efforts are needed to counter this menace. He said that all available resources are being utilised against dengue virus and medical facilities have also been improved in hospitals. He said that every human life is precious to him and it is his firm assurance to the people that no effort would be spared to save them from dengue fever. He said that efforts are being made round the clock for curbing dengue virus and he will not rest content until the disease is controlled. He was addressing a seminar on dengue virus at Al-Hamra Hall Friday. The Chief Minister said that an effective awareness campaign has been launched regarding preventive measures against dengue virus and the seminar will prove to be a milestone in this regard. He said that the participants of the seminar should spread the information gained from the seminar to every nook and corner of Lahore and Punjab. He said that arrangements had been improved in hospitals for the benefit of dengue patients and additional staff has been posted. He said that spray is also being conducted in all towns in a coordinated manner. He said that emergency committees have also started functioning and he is personally holding meetings in this regard on daily basis. He made an appeal to the people of all walks of life to join the movement with commitment and spirit of sacrifice. He said that doctors should not spare any effort in the treatment of patients. He said that all provincial departments, MPAs and MPAs and Muslim League workers would have to come forward with the spirit of public service and stand shoulder to shoulder with him in this hour of trial. He said that non-governmental organisations should also step forward and supplement the efforts to serve the ailing humanity. He said that private hospitals should minimise their rate of profit in the treatment of dengue patients. He said that every member of the society will have to play its role for the elimination of dengue virus. He said that a comprehensive programme will have to be evolved for preventing the outbreak of dengue virus in future. He said that he is committed to public service and will continue to serve the people undeterred by threats. He said that PML-N Nawaz Sharif has ordered that no effort should be spared for saving every one from dengue virus.