Dengue is a menace that seemed to have sprung up since the past few years. The mosquito, according to medical experts, thrives on fresh water. A Person may be strong, muscular and energetic, however one bite of this mosquito, rolls a sort of a 'wildfire' that eats away the platelets from a persons blood at a rapid speed. While the masses, having faced the brunt of floods, electricity crises, gas shortages and inflation, now have to face another problem of dengue, our rulers seem oblivious of these growing problems. Of course these rulers can rightly argue that mosquito is too small to be seen, and would require a lot of time to find and squash if even in a lawn, and certainly the rulers are busy with far more significant menaces. The irony here is, that this far more significant menaces, resembles its tiny counterpart. Like dengue, another menace came to our streets and cities, which was previously not present. The presence of Blackwater and other mercenaries on Pakistan soils, along with frequent drone attacks, and as Wikileaks have revealed, over 150 NATO fighter Jets flying over our airspace have all added up to create chaos in Pakistan. While the tiny mosquito eats away the platelets, the imperial presence of US and its war machine in Pakistan has caused chaos and carnage, which have eaten away countless innocent human beings. Just like dengue continues to grow in past few years, this far greater menace of US presence has been rampantly growing in both democracy and dictatorship. The tragic truth here is that far from being oblivious, our rulers have been complicit in this greater menace. While there are solvents, sprays and tips to avoid being bit by the tiny mosquito, the bigger menace requires an alternative system i.e. Caliphate, that can rightly treat the big bug. SYED SHARIQ, Lahore, September 9.