LAHORE Some of the PML-Q cabinet members are highly frustrated over the 'dead portfolios allotted to them by the PPP leadership, TheNation has learnt. Sources in the PML-Q told this scribe on Friday that unwanted departments had been given to some of the PML-Q ministers the National Education Foundation (NEF) and the National Commission for Human Development (NHCD) wherein the PPP government was facing problems. Similarly, the fate of some divisions of the health department that remained with the federal government was also not decided, the sources said, adding it could be allotted to the PML-Q as this ministry was given to it before its devolution to the provinces. The ministry of professional and technical training was given to Riaz Hussain Pirzada, however, the technical training institutions, which should be the part of Pirzadas ministry, was working under the command of Cabinet Division, the sources added. They said one of the ministers given to their party has been tasked to look after the affairs relating to regularisation of the people belonging to the hikmat profession which was a cruel joke. The Cabinet Division is looking after the money making departments while the PML-Q ministers are supposed to cleaning the mess of the Division. Otherwise, there is no work to do in these departments, they further commented. There is no need of complete ministerial staff, as they have to accomplish no target except to clean the mess of Cabinet Division, the party sources quoted angry ministers as having said. On the contrary, people close to the partys high command said the ministers who have complaints about their portfolios should raise the issue before the senior party leadership, adding they should resign if they were not satisfied with their departments. When contacted, Raja Basharat, senior PML-Q leader and Advisor to the prime minister said: It is not a serious issue as little irritants surface even in a single-party rule. As we are working in a coalition, so such irritants are natural. Both the PML-Q and PPP are working in close coordination. He said the party members brought small issues to the knowledge of partys high command time and gain which were solved in consultation with the PPP leadership. Basharat said recently some of the party ministers from Sindh came to the PML-Qs senior leadership with their differences, and taking notice of the issue, the party leadership talked to President Zardari. The president directed the Sindh chief minister to immediately clear the reservations of the PML-Q partners and give them free hand in their departments in the province, he added. In May this year, when the preparations were underway to devolve some of the departments to provinces under the 18th Amendment, the PML-Q ministers had made it clear to their top leadership that they would not accept 'dead ministries.