A few weeks back Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told a news conference in Tehran that Iran has very authentic information that America is planning to sabotage Pakistani nuclear facilities in order to control Pakistan and to weaken the government and people of Pakistan. According to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the United States intends to use the UN Security Council and some other international bodies as levers to prepare the ground for a massive spy presence in Pakistan and weaken the national sovereignty of Pakistan. Same information was shared by the Sudanese Vice President with the media. He said, US is eying at Pakistans nuclear assets with a view to destroy nuclear assets. Both of these leaders were of the opinion that the only aim of the US is to destabilise the worlds strongest Muslim nuclear power. For the western world Pakistan has become a pinching thorn. The western policymakers are well aware of the fact that Pakistan is the only force which could prove a serious threat and grave challenge to their hegemonic designs at any stage. The blame game against the safety and security of Pakistani nukes is in fact the expression of their fear and apprehension in this regard. They are busy spreading propaganda against Pakistans nuclear assets. In the western media one can find lots of reports regarding the insecurity of Pakistans nuclear assets. The western policymakers are creating a false hype about the possibility of these nukes falling into the hands of terrorists. The world around us must keep one thing in mind that the security of nuclear assets is a top priority to all Pakistanis and neither any terrorist group nor any conventional state army can get hold of them. The policymakers of the western countries as well as the terrorists must come out of the fools paradise and stop dreaming of defanging Pakistan PROFESSOR ALI SUKHANVER, Multan, September 8.