ISLAMABAD - Witnessing the ever-changing stance of PPP-led coalition government over the establishment of a separate Saraiki province, hundreds of Seraikis have stated marching towards the federal capital to register their favour for the establishment a separate province. This peaceful 'Long March on Foot started on Friday from the shrine of a renowned Sufi Saint Khawaja Ghulam Farid located in Kot Mithan Sharif of RajanPur district (Punjab). A ceremony was arranged at the shrine in this regard before the start of this Long March where great numbers of nationalists, political workers, human right activists along with several people from different walks of life participated. Participants of this march were chanting slogans in favour of a separate Seraiki province by dividing Punjab province. They were carrying banners, placards and posters demanding of the incumbent government to establish Seraiki province immediately to strengthen the Federation of Pakistan. Sardar Manzoor Khan Dareshak Advocate, Senior Vice President Seariki Lok Party, along with Akhtar Khan Gopang Advocate, leader of Seraiki Qaumi Inqlabi Party, while talking to TheNation told that Long March on foot is being led by a widow of famous revolutionary leader Manzoor Bohar. They informed that this marching towards Islamabad has stated after viewing the ever-changing stance of the incumbent government. They were of the view that tall claims of establishing a separate province by the federal government for Serikis are seemingly to secure political mileage. Over a query pertaining to this long hours Long March, these leaders said, we are moving towards the federal capital aiming to aware, educate and realize the people of this country and ruling elite to establish Seraiki province to end the exploitation and deprivation of this ignored remote area of Punjab province. Replying to question regarding the difficulties of this long march, Seraiki leaders informed that in Layyah and Karor Lal Essan Dr Ashu Lal and in Bhakkar Dr Afzal Dhandla and in Islamabad Mazhar Nawaz Lashari and Akram Khan Gurmani would welcome the participants and would also manage their boarding and lodging. Sardar Rauf Khan Lund Advocate District General Secretary of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) while addressing the participants announced full support for this cause. He also assured that he would leave no stone unturned to convince his party to immediately establish a separate province to fulfill PPPs manifesto of 'Roti, Kapra and Makan.