ISLAMABAD - The US-led war against terror continues unabated even after ten years in Afghanistan, the main theatre of this war. However, the objectives of this war remain illusive despite relentless use of bombing including sophisticated bombs and drones. Pakistan, which played the role of a frontline ally of the US and NATO forces had suffered the most. Breach of Pakistans sovereignty by the US/NATO forces remained the most depressing aspect. There had been major violations of Pakistans territorial sovereignty in the course of war against terrorism and extremism. Violation of airspace by the US/Natos aircraft and helicopters, and incessant drone attacks on one hand and the operation of CIA contractor Raymond Davis and US unilateral raid on OBL compound in Abbottabad on the other had compounded the situation that left the relations between the so-called strategic allies in tatters. A cursory analysis of the developments suggests that PPP-led ruling coalition continued with the same policies followed by former military ruler President Pervez Musharraf. This was largely because of the PPPs selfish policy to formally owning the US-led war against terror largely for economic benefits. What the PPP leadership had done was to secure civil economic assistance in the garb of Kerry Lugar Act to the tune of $1.5 billion a year, and left part of the country to the mercy of CIA operated drone attacks. Instead of pulling out of the war the PPP leadership preferred the KLB lollypop, which resulted in major ramifications. The CIAs drone war on Pakistan that started in 2004 and should have been stopped by the civilian democratic dispensation continues unabated to humiliate Pakistan. This mockery of Pakistans sovereignty has been going on since the PPP-led government came into power, and the drones war against so called Al-Qaeda and Taliban targets in Pakistan have been going on despite intervention of the sovereign parliament of the country. The Parliament of Pakistan had adopted two resolutions against the drone attacks put into the cold storage by the ruling party. According to some estimates, hundreds of innocent people in FATA region have been killed while thousands injured and displaced as result of drone hits, which the US claims as 'weapon of choice. This is on contrast to the US claims that CIA had killed nearly 600 high-valued Qaeda and Taliban targets. Publicly, Prime Minister Gilani and his cabinet colleagues have so far failed to convince the people of Pakistan over the issue of US drone attacks. Except condemning the every new attack, the government has failed to implement the resolutions adopted by the parliament. Many believed that the government in tacit understanding with the US has allowed this unholy drones war.