This has reference to the recent stream of articles (democracy, dictatorship and Islam) and letters (Revival of Caliphate) stating the idea of Caliphate, as a solution. There are a number of points of concern that need to be dealt with when suggesting the establishment of this idea. While it is true, that the appeal of unity, embodied in the idea of Caliphate, is increasing, however this idea requires through analysis. The law of Islamic State, if and when established, will directly contradict the International Laws, which the host country (e.g. Pakistan, or any Arab state), is signatory to. The economic system of Islam, and it's refusal to pay Interest on loans to International Monetary institutes like IMF, will create a conflict of interests, and dispose this new state to pressure from these institutions. Also, a matter of concern, is the anti-state propaganda from the imperialist powers, which this Caliphate will have to face. At present, internationally the institution of United Nation plays a key role in dealing with issues in international politics. If the Caliphate seeks to alter the national boundaries, how will it present its case in the United Nations? These are just some of the many points that need to be thoroughly evaluated in the discourse of this idea of Caliphate. ABDUL REHMAN, Lahore, September 9.