You know what the renowned American think-tank and South Asia expert, Selig Harrison of the Center for International Policy, said about Balochistan the other day? Reading a paper at a seminar under the United States Institute for Peace (USIP) held in Washington DC on April 15, 2011, he said: the US is ready to recognise an independent Balochistan because (a) it serves American interests (b) its accession to Pakistan was not legitimate (c) Pakistan army is the suppressing force, (d) Zardari governments policies have further ignited the separatist movement, and (e) therefore, six-million insurgent Baloch people want an independent state of Balochistan. The September 7 bombings in Quettas most protected security zone indicates the WoT-turned-WoP (War on Pakistan) entering into its next phase, on the sidelines of Karachi and FATA. In an informal audience with the IG FC Balochistan, Maj Gen Obaid, last month one got the impression that the top leadership of our security apparatus was very much mindful of something big and sinister game going on in the province. One is convinced that the FC in the province stands today as a 'dividing line between the present and future of Balochistan. The vibrant FC leadership has under the circumstances taken a number of revolutionary steps in order to make the security apparatus more effective, quick and task-oriented. The morale of the troops therefore is high and it seems that each personnel of this force is mindful of the challenges ahead, thanks to their trainers. Nevertheless, the powers-behind have chosen to target its leadership in order to demoralize its troops. Who are the powers behind? The question now needs no answer. US Ambassador Munter during his Quetta visit last month declared that the US has special interest in Balochistan. Washingtons repeated requests of late to open a consulate in Quetta have been turned down by the Islamabad administration. Interestingly Washington had requested to hold the above seminar in Quetta, but the permission was not granted. Islamabads refusals had nothing to do with the recent Pakistan-US diplomatic and intelligence agencies row, but the US being part of the international conspiracy towards which Declan Walsh of UKs Guardian newspaper pointed out, startling the entire world media and proving the fact that India was leading from front the insurgent movement in Balochistan to get it liberated from Pakistan. Reports on Greater Corridor conspiracy, Greater Balochistan maps and September 2009 Design are available on the net and in Stratfor Forecasts. Indias RAW-run South Asian Analysis Group (SAAG) website openly claims Indias involvement in Balochistan. After the Karachi Design exposure by the Zulfiqar Mirzas disclosure, the powers behind this deadly game seems to have shifted the venue from Karachi to Quetta in order to divert the world attention. Already a lot has been said but once again I must repeat that Dr Mirza may not be a trustworthy man, but what he has said is to be taken seriously. It is a timely warning for all of us. What Selig Harrison and subsequently Ambassador Munter have said should be enough to understand the scheme of things. Either we have to resist and thwart the designs or get perished, divided and disunited. F Z KHAN, Islamabad, September 9.