LAHORE - The civil society has observed that hate speech, either through the misuse of loud speakers, being part of curriculum or any other means such as social media, is among the major factors infringing fundamental rights of religious minorities in Pakistan.

They expressed these views in a consultation on hate speech, which South Asia Partnership-Pakistan (SAP-PK) organised under REAT Network on Tuesday.

The participating representatives of major civil society organisations and lawyers from the platform of the said network demanded to address the issue in question as a step forward towards the establishment of a peaceful and just society in Pakistan. They emphasised revising such curriculum of educational institutions that led towards the promotion of hatred in the society and was causing insecurity among the members of religious minorities.  They demanded framing of laws, implementation of available laws such as against the misuse of loud speakers and framing policies on the protection and promotion of the rights of religious minorities in the country.

SAP-PK Deputy Director Irfan Mufti said that there was a need to protect a space in between the state and its citizens.

He said that we need to restrict such speeches and a mindset that declares others as inhumane, weakest, not equal citizens and so on. He emphasised the need to respect the religions of non-Muslims and peacefully combat against such dominant ideology which is the root cause for such insecure environment for religious minorities in the country to which they contribute a lot.