Politics in Pakistan is a game of nerves. With a fledgling democracy like ours, where democratic values and principles haven’t yet fortified and where majority of leaders do not possess nerves of steel, indecisiveness and failure to act responsibly are recurrent flaws that result in political impasse. The status quo is critical and even a little bit of imbalance might lead to a devastating scenario. When the country is standing at a grim cross and is in a situation where PAT and PTI have paralyzed the affairs of the state, the economy is suffering a backlash, the war of words and egos between Chaudhry Nisar and Aitzaz Ahsan could have added fuel to the fire.

But the political maturity and wisdom showed by Chaudhry Nisar is simply commendable. Critically analyzing, he emerged as a savior of democracy in Pakistan. Staying true to his word, the minister of interior did conduct a press conference, but against all apprehensions he didn’t level any charges against Aitzaz Ahsan. Instead he presented an amicable solution and proposed a judicial committee that would probe the reality of accusations leveled against him.


Lahore, September 6.