PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday urged the PML-N government to establish small dams to avert floods by storing the rainwater, instead of launching metro bus projects.

He was talking to newsmen at PTI’s flood relief camp set up at Gohadpur locality, after visiting the flooded areas of Sialkot. He announced to build small dams across the country to store the floodwater for the help of the growers and farmers in the country after coming to power with public support. In Sialkot, the PTI chairman visited the flood devastated areas in Sambrial, Bajwat, Head Marala, Sialkot city and surrounding areas.

He said that the days of the political monarchy of the Sharif family had numbered. He was brought to flood-hit areas of Sialkot region in a big convoy of the vehicles from Sialkot International Airport. He was flanked by PTI leaders Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Umer Dar. Imran Khan distributed the ration bags to the affectees at PTI flood relief camp.

Talking to the victims, he said that the PTI was standing with the flood-affected people and PTI would not leave them along in this very hard time. He asked the PTI workers to jazz up the pace of the measures on emergent basis for rehabilitation of the land routes and provision of ration, medicines and other essential items to the marooned people should be ensured.

Imran strongly criticised the PML-N government for remaining failed in making foolproof flood fighting and preventive measures, alleging that government’s incompetency was resulting in massive flood devastation in the country. He said that due to very poor arrangements, thousands of people had been lying stranded in flood devastated areas and no help, food stuff were reaching to them. He said that PML-N leadership was doing politics of personal gains over the flood issue.

He said that the results of about one-month protest sit-ins in Islamabad were encouraging, hoping that the destination of the Azadi March was very near in the shape of “new Pakistan”. He said that he was hopeful of winning the war of nerves against the government. He added that the PTI’s political victory was not much away. He said, “We are much confident about PTI’s political victory in the war of nerves against the government.”

To a question, he said that another goal of PTI’s political sit-ins was to eliminate the political remains of Nawaz Sharif. He asked Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to end his political dramas of playing with the sentiments of helpless flood-affected people.