ISLAMABAD - Apparently perturbed over the cold response of the government in accepting his demands and non-seriousness of the people to join his protest sit-in, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, once again, gave call to the people to come out of their homes to get resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

"Pakistanis should come out of their homes if the prime minister does not resign, as they will not get this opportunity again," he appealed to the masses. "Allah has given you the opportunity to change your fate," Khan said in his Tuesday night address. He congratulated his followers for helping him in continuing the protest for the last 27 days. He reiterated his stance to make the country an Islamic welfare state.

Continuing with his allegations of bad governance and corruption against the ruling PML-N in the centre as well as in Punjab and the Sharif family, he charged his supporters while using the analogies of cricket and said captain would not accept defeat. He said that he never accepted defeat and would fight as the nation had decided to fight. The nation has decided that it will not face more tyranny, he said. "NO force can stop you now," he said. He claimed that he was the only politician who did not bring up in the nursery of army and rose to this position because of his hard work.

Khan said that only a live nation could have such a passion, as the protesters had been staging the sit-in for the last 27 days in scorching heat, rain, tear gas shelling and baton charging. "The nation has decided that it would change its fate," he said. "As long as you will not stand against these tyrants, you will not be able to fight tyranny," he advised the crowd like his previous addresses.

Reminding that he has seen the fall of Pakistan and its institutions from his own eyes, the chairman PTI said in the past the degrees of Pakistani universities and medical colleges were internationally accepted and PIA was the one of the best airlines of the world. "We were champions in the sports as well," he added.

"I have seen the poverty in interior Sindh that I have never seen earlier, the minorities are being maltreated in Pakistan and the Hindus are forcefully migrating to India from Sindh," Khan said, adding, "Now all the parties are fearful if PTI succeeds, their shops would be closed." He challenged JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman if he has an iota of suspicion over the other day' by-election results in PK-68 of DI Khan, he would get reopen the results today.  "Speaker sahib if you have won elections then why you have been hiding behind a stay order for the last ten months," he asked Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq.

The PTI chief alleged that according to report of auditor general of Pakistan (AGP), Nawaz Sharif bypassing the AGP gave Rs 500 billion to power producers to clear circular debt but circular debt raised its ugly head again and the electricity tariff was also doubled. "In the laptop scheme of Punjab government, Rs 2000 million went into their pockets as each laptop with original price of Rs 20,000 was bought in Rs 38,000," he alleged. He accused that Punjab government took loans of Rs 25 billion in Sasti Roti Scheme and gave interest amounting to Rs 4 billion to banks.

At the same time, Imran claimed that he introduced good governance in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and introduced many poverty alleviation programmes there. In KP, 302 officers have been nabbed in corruption cases and Rs 300 million have been recovered from them for the last two months. "We are trying to get an FIR registered against the PM and interior minister in Islamabad. Had it been happened in KP, such FIR would have been registered," he said. "Someone should point out one police officer in KP who was selected without merit," he said, adding that police had been made apolitical there. "We are spending 28 per cent, the maximum, out of the total budget on education and 15,000 teachers had been recruited without political interference. He said that the government was giving subsidy to 5 million people in KP on wheat and edible ghee.

Earlier in the evening, when PTI chief came back to his container from his visit to flood-affected areas in Sialkot, he again held responsible the government for the recent floods.

"Had they built dams and dykes, the poor masses could be saved from the floods," he said. "This floodwater could have benefited farmers," he said, adding that farmers were suffering loss of billions of rupees as a result of recent floods. "You should be ashamed as you are responsible and now you are asking us to end sit-in to help flood-affected people," he asked the government and said that his party would help the flood-affected people as well as internally displaced persons (IDPs).