ISLAMABAD - The government on Tuesday informed the joint session of the parliament that 128 persons have been killed in flash floods in different areas of the country.

The government assuring the house to share flood update on daily basis informed that over 0.2 million people have been injured in different incidents, mostly due to rain-related incidents.

“It is the worst kind of flood in the history of the country and people died mainly in rain related incidents...Meteorological office had predicted below-normal rains so the preparations to counter them were accordingly,” said Defence Minister Khwaja Muhammad Asif while sharing a brief sketch of heavy devastation.

“One thousand and fifty three villages have badly been affected due to floods and standing crops of around 325,647 acres of land have been damaged in different areas,” said the minister, admitting slow reaction to counter affected areas.

Asif, who will brief the joint session of the parliament about all the affected areas today (Wednesday), said flash floods would reach Guddu Barrage on September 14 and there is no much risk of damage there. “I would share further details tomorrow (Wednesday) about flood-affected areas including Kashmir,” said the defence minister, adding that the government is making efforts to minimise losses in other areas.

The minister also asked political forces to play their role in handling this national tragedy. “There is need to rise above the party line and work for the assistance of affected people,” he added.

Earlier, ANP lawmaker Ghulam Ahmed Bilour challenged PTI’s chief Imran Khan for recount in NA-1 (Peshawar). “I bet Imran Khan to open NA-1 for recount...If rigging is proved, I will leave politics; otherwise, you keep watching cricket matches,” he added.

He also criticised the government for not establishing its writ in Islamabad. “What historian will write about this episode is that the government could not establish its writ in the federal capital,” he remarked. Bilour criticised Imran for using derogatory language against respectable politicians.

Bilour said Imran Khan’s demand of PM Sharif’s resignation is contrary to the constitution of the country. Other lawmakers also spoke against the sit-ins in Islamabad, saying the protesters’ demands are not constitutional.