The two main breaches occurred in the dyke of swollen Nullah Dek affecting 72 villages of Pasrur tehsil are yet to be repaired, while the rail traffic has been still suspended on the damaged Sialkot-Sambrial-Wazirabad track for the last five days.

Officials said that the efforts were underway to repair those breaches and the rail track. The administration said that the affected villagers include Nakhnal, Najo Chak, Sanghey Chak, Kingra, Mehtabpur Hunjali, Eespur, Pindi Minhasaan, Tharo Mandi, Kang, Doli, Chak Machhana, Jabbokey, Nawaadey, Chahoor, Seehowal, Shehzada, Bharat, Rasulpur, Doburji, Khewa Bajwa, Kheemowali, Saidpur, Qila Ahmedabad, Peera, Baryar, Kaka Pan, Punjgraayien Bajwa, Khewan Cheema, Saarh Fataah, Balloki, Chheema, Jeestiwala, Kamalpur Chishtiyaan, Ameen Shah, Jhaans, Alakrey, Burhanpur and Nokariyaan Mughalaan.

The other affected areas are Hargan Balagun, Bhagatpur, Charwind, Bhojo, Rasulpur,  Kaaleywali,  Pohla, Takhatpur, Rasheedpur, Ooncha Pahaarang, Waahley, Khokharaan, Qazi Pahaarang, Kotli Khawaja, Kalaaswala, Sokan Wind, Kheerey, Pan Daathey, Boreekey, Moosapur, Nangal, Kotli Hajipur, Taqipur, Kot Ghumanaan, Kala Chak and Taawariyaanwala.

The assistant commissioner said that these villages were lying inundated. The traffic on the main roads namely Sialkot-Pasrur Road, Pasrur-Narowal Road, Pasrur-Daska Road, Pasrur-Gujranwala Road, Pasrur-Chawinda Road and Pasrur-Kalaaswala Road remained suspended for the third consecutive day as these roads were badly damaged.

Tauqeer Ilyas said that the efforts were underway to ensure the early restoration of traffic on the roads. He revealed that the Pasrur-Narowal Road near Kaallowali Syedaan and Pasrur-Chawinda Road  near village Chorikey have vanished and floated into the floodwater.

Meanwhile, the railway traffic remained suspended on Sialkot-Sambrial-Wazirabad track for the fifth consecutive day, as the repairing of the rail track badly damaged by the flash flood could not be completed.

Officials of Pakistan Railways said that there was a shortage of the railways manpower here to repair the track. They said that they had brought the situation into the notice of the PR Headquarters Lahore and waiting for any “go ahead” from them. They said that it would take a week for the complete repairing of this track, if the manpower is provided here.

The PR officials revealed that the Sialkot-Lahore-Karachi bound Allama Iqbal Express will  be destined only to Lahore instead of coming to Sialkot till the flood situation returns to normalcy in Sialkot region here.

However, the River Chenab became calm and cool at Head Marala-Sialkot as the water level dropped to a great extant in the river.

Focal Person Malik Abid Hussain Awan said that floodwater level dropped to only 85,401 cusecs in River Chenab at Head Marala near Sialkot, making the river calm and cool after the five days.

He said that now the water level was rapidly receding in River Chenab at Head Marala Barrage near Sialkot. He said that now the flood situation was totally under control, as the flood situation was being monitored round the clock at Head Marala barrage here.