KARACHI (PR): UBL has always advocated best management practices, not just within the organization but also in relation to its customers across the country. The bank has consistently been an innovator, offering the most technologically advanced financial offerings in keeping with the demands of the time. In keeping with its stature as a front-runner committed to positive change, UBL recently partnered with the MAP, by becoming the lead sponsor of the 16th MAP Convention 2014.

The convention’s objective was to encourage contemporary management practitioners to re-think and embrace the idea of being innovators in their professional settings. The convention featured prominent local and international business leaders and prominent speakers, including Mr. Tony Buzan, renowned author and educational consultant and proponent of the techniques of Mind Mapping.

Wajahat Husain, President & CEO, UBL was especially invited for the convention, where he addressed the participants at the start of the event. Mr. Husain in his address touched upon UBL’s inroads into the traditional Pakistani banking landscape with technologically ground-breaking products. He also stressed on the fact that businesses need to think out of the box and come up with more innovative ideas and techniques to incorporate into their offerings while at the same time ensuring that internally they follow sound management practices.

Ali Hasnain, Group Executive – Retail Bank, UBL was a panel speaker of a special segment in the convention. Many senior executives from the bank were also in presence at the event.