Late Professor Asif Ali Sohag, former Prof. of English language and literature, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, who died of a heart attack, was indeed a great humanist and mentor–teacher. He considered teaching to be the best job in the world; hence, he has lived and taught throughout his life. Like Professor Qalandar Shah Lakyari, former professor and chairmen of the same department and also late professor Muhammad Hassan Bodlo Zadari, late Director of English Language at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro, late professor Asif Sohag deserved much more but his humble nature and a strong sense of modesty restrained him to run after awards and rewards such as “ Best Teacher/ Best Professor/ Outstanding Professor, and such like others given both by the HEC, the federal and provincial governments. He always spoke about ideas and used to say that little things please little minds. Late professor had a plethora of ideas on research, creative writing, and promotion of quality English teaching in the public sector schools and higher education, and above all a vision of how to improve educational governance and create a democratic and progressive society.

Late Prof. Sohag was an epitome of simplicity and sagacity. He was an inspirational figure in Sindh and mentored many creative and quality minds in the country. He always stressed upon his student to strive for excellence both in language, literature and service to humanity. He used to advise all and sundry to preach and practice noble values of all great religions to create a peaceful and tolerant society in Pakistan.

Everybody, who has had met him or has remained his student, is deeply shocked at the sad demise of one the great literary minds of his time. Ostensibly, he had died of a heart attack but such selfless teachers never die, they always live on.

Thousands of students of both English language and literature and also other social sciences have had their professional lives enriched by Professor Sohag. We are profoundly grateful to this down to earth professor of the Institute of English Language and Literature.”

However, the provincial government must name any campus after this legendary professor of language and literature and provide financial assistance and employment in the University, where he served, to his siblings so as to save their future.


Islamabad, August 24.