LAHORE-The art of dhol has become popular in other parts of the world due to South Asian diaspora. It has been a famous musical instrument in formal and informal dance performances for decades.

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Pakistan’s renowned drum beater Arishma Maryam said, “To make name in the field of entertainment as a female drum beater is a very difficult task. My mother has always been my inspiration behind all my success. I feel proud to perform in international tours and represent a positive image of Pakistan.” While talking to The Nation, she said, “To gain further experience and provide a service I have started to play at all kinds of public events such as festivals, parties and weddings.”

She continued saying, “Since my childhood I was inspired by the beat of dhol. I got inspiration from Jasmeet Kaur and she still gives me advices what to do in future. It feels great when your inspiration guides to the right path. I decided to learn how to beat the two-headed instrument and got training from Goonga Saien.” “I recently performed in Beijing and people from all walks of life appreciated my work. Even though only a teenager, my dream is to be a role model to young people across the world and pursues my passion for the dhol. In Pakistan when a girl performs on dhol the public gets surprise. I want to change this concept of stereotype. Women are as strong as men they can perform on every stage and prove themselves as a complete entertainer,” she said.  Arishma is a percussion prodigy and has previously showcased her talent on a number of local television programmes. She has also spent tireless hours playing dhol in bhangra, dhamal, Sindhi and Pushto rhythm.