India has extended her hand to cooperate with Israel—— a bloodthirsty state for Palestinians living there. India and Israel have negotiated to strengthen their agriculture and information technology; including military strategies and intelligence measures. No doubt, It is only because of CPEC in general and growing influence of China in particular that triggered the attention of Narendra Modi to pay a state visit to Israel. Modi and Indian policymakers are under several threats of China’s and Pakistan’s progress as future Asian tigers. Thus, India is in a state of confusion and has signed a defense deal with Israel worth over 1 billion dollar a year and agreed to initiate technology measures over 40 million dollars. 

On the contrary, India has been acting brutally against Kashmirs since its independence while Israel against Palestinians since 1948. Hence, it is an evidence to claim that the both countries have paid attention to share their harsh and brutal policies to more devour the lives of Kashmiris and Palestinians. 


Shikarpur Sindh, August 16.