LONDON - Begum Kalsoom Nawaz, wife of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, successfully underwent second surgery related to her throat cancer treatment here on Saturday.

Kalsoom had been shifted to the recovery room after the successful surgery.

Earlier, the doctors had decided to do a second surgery in order to take out diseased lymph nodes from her chest. The first surgery was on the side of her neck and the latest one is from the chest, it has been confirmed.

Begum Kalsoom was taken to the hospital on Saturday morning, accompanied by the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and their sons Hassan and Hussain Nawaz. Sources said that Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif will be visiting Begum Kalsoom in the afternoon.

“Nawaz Sharif is with Begum Kalsoom in the hospital and will remain with her throughout the procedure. Hassan and Hussain were with their parents when they arrived at the hospital early this morning,” a trusted source at the central London hospital told this scribe.

The source shared that the first surgery provided good results and “that's why a second but more major and serious surgery is now underway”.

The source revealed that the doctors operating on Begum Kasloom were specialists in heart and chest surgery. The family had been pondering to take Kalsoom to the US for treatment but finally it decided to continue with the team of British doctors as it was progressing very well.

Separately, a Sharif family source said that Nawaz Sharif’s return date to Pakistan will be decided within few days. He said that “it might take another few days, from 5 days to a week, before Nawaz Sharif leaves London for Pakistan”. The source said that “all depends on how Begum Kalsoom’s treatment and results of second surgery go and then it will depend what advice doctors come up with, there is no rush, its Begum Kasloom’s health that takes priority over everything else at this stage”.

Begum Kalsoom underwent surgery for throat cancer on 1st September at the same hospital where she is being treated today. She stayed in the hospital overnight and return to Hassan Nawaz’s flat on the Eid day, last Friday. She was regularly visited by doctors at home and her progress and response was reviewed, following the neck surgery procedure.

In the absence of Begum Kalsoom, PML-N’s Lahore chapter and Maryam Nawaz are running her election campaign in NA-120.