KARACHI - Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) is considering a change in the local government system ranks in the provincial capital in light of the disappointing handling of post-rain situation in the city.

Sources in MQM-P said the party is holding discussions for new names for the offices of mayor, deputy mayor, chairman and vice-chairman.

The party leadership has also sought reports on the performance of all districts.

The mayor and deputy mayor were nominated by Altaf Hussain, with whom the MQM-P has dissociated.

At least 13 people, including four children, died after the metropolis was battered with heavy rainfall last week which saw Army contingents being deployed to assist in rescue efforts.

The northern areas of Karachi were the worst affected, with rainwater flooding homes and other structures in low-lying areas.

The downpour not only resulted in closing down of around 90 per cent of the city's markets but also led to a halt in traffic on the link road of National Highway and Super Highway as the Goods' Transport Association decided its vehicles would stay put till the situation improves.

Traders suffered losses worth Rs100 million, according to All Karachi Trade Union Chairman Ateeq Mir. Blaming the government, he said that the losses occurred due to the local government being woefully unprepared.