ISLAMABAD - Pakistan People’s Party leader and Sindh Assembly member Saeed Ghani has criticized the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chief for his ‘lenient’ treatment of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leadership while being ‘discriminatory’ towards the Pakistan People’s Party leadership.

Addressing a press conference here on Saturday, Ghani said that on the one hand, the NAB was showing a complete laxity towards former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his family, who were not being put on the ECL or arrested for not becoming part of an investigation in the corruption references while PPP leaders including Dr Asim Hussain and Sarjeel Memon were not only put on the ECL but also arrested even when no formal cases were pending against them.

Referring to the filing of appeal against the acquittal of Asif Ali Zardari in assets reference by accountability court, Ghani said that though the NAB was legally authorized to file the appeal against the acquittal of Zardari, morally the NAB has no solid grounds for it because, since the filing of the case against Zardari, the prosecution could not prove it even after 17 years.

Ghani said that during the course of the trial, Zardari remained behind bars for over 11 years but not a single case against him could be proved as all these cases were politically motivated.

While on the other hand, the laxity of the courts towards Nawaz Sharif was so palpable that they could not go into the appeal in any of the corruption references against Sharifs in which they were acquitted by the trial court, he said.

Ghani said that Zardari remained behind bars and he could not be awarded punishment in any of the corruption cases against him.

To a question, Ghani said that they wanted to become a party in the Benazir murder case and even had filed a formal request but they were denied. But now they would be filing an application with the court to raise their concern over the verdict and to become the party in the case and their legal team was already preparing the case.

He demanded a public apology from MQM Pakistan leader Farooq Sattar who in a press statement had tried to draw a parallel between the Urdu speaking community of Karachi with Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar.

To a question about the IG Sindh issue, Ghani said that the court has empowered a Grade 21 officer to deal with the transfer and postings of other Grade 21 officers and he could not be even made accountable by the chief secretary and chief executive of the province.