LAHORE - PPP leader Qamar Zaman Kaira Saturday asked his workers to muster up support for Faisal Mir in the upcoming NA-120 by-election.

He was addressing a rally taken out from Regal Chowk to Faisal Chowk. Around 300 torch-bearing workers participated in a 60-minute rally that started at 6:15pm. The PPP supporters danced on drumbeats while party songs were also played.

The Mall, from Regal Chowk to Punjab Assembly, was decorated with posters and flexes of the party’s leaders. But there were no adequate security measures adopted by the authorities.

Motorists faced troubles on The Mall where any type of rally is banned by the Lahore High Court. Shops on both sides of the road, however, remained open. Last time, Pakistan Awami Tehreek was not allowed to hold public gathering at the same venue. Addressing the party workers, Kaira claimed a rift in the ruling Sharif family, saying: “Now where is Shehbaz Sharif who has love for his elder brother Nawaz Sharif?”

He added: “Keep in mind that they (Sharifs) always flee the country whenever they are impeached. But now the courts will award them punishment. They would also face defeat in the public court on the election day.”

Kaira also said the party chairman, Bilawal Bhutto, would lead political struggle for country’s development. “Just two gatherings of the party have surprised the rivals which started from Chiniot,” the PPP leader claimed.

“Bilawal Bhutto is in the field and now we have to prove on the election day that the angry Jiyals (workers) of Lahore have come back to the party while those who are already there are fully struggling for political strength,” he added.

He asked youth to exercise their right to vote on Sept 17th. “We are with you wherever you are,” Kaira said, urging them to be part of door-to-door campaign and hold corner meetings.

The PPP’s candidate, Faisal Mir also spoke on the occasion and said that the result of by-election will prove the political strength of his party in Lahore and in rest of Punjab province.