ISLAMABAD -  Notwithstanding record production of electricity, the government has failed to overcome loadshedding as hours-long loadshedding is continuing across the country.

Sources said that there was no truth in claims of record production as our system is so weak that it can not bear onus of 20,000MW. The government has taken no measures to improve the situation except improving transmission lines for new projects. The laying of transmission line for new projects would not benefit the old projects, sources added.

Currently, loadshedding in the urban areas is from 10 to 12 hours while in rural areas from 12 to 14 hours. People living in big cities have found some respite from loadshedding during the last few weeks but prolonged load-shedding in other parts of the country including southern Punjab and Sindh is continuing.

Sources of Ministry of Water and Power say that there was need to upgrade the old system to subdue the loadshedding. There would be less loadshedding during the next months when the demand of electricity will lessen. If government succeeded to upgrade its system and complete the new projects then there were sufficient chances of ending loadshedding in 2018. On the other hands, experts say that ongoing power projects can face further delay. The project of C-Pack would need more electricity consumption.

When contacted, official of Ministry of Water and Power said that there was no unannounced loadshedding in the country.