LAHORE - The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Saturday continued its door-to-door campaign and corner meetings in various union councils to gather support for its NA-120 candidate Dr Yasmin Rashid.

PTI leaders including Dr Yasmin inaugurated party offices in different UCs of the constituency and assured the people of bring about a change. During the campaign, UC-64 Coordinator Musarrat Cheema said this by-election would “prove to be a change in the country’s politics.” She criticised the ruling party for allegedly violating the code of conduct of Election Commission and planning to rig the polls. She urged the Election Commission (ECP) should enforce its rules and regulations instead of being silent spectators. “PTI is struggling to root out corruption,” Musarrat said while claiming that PML-N and PPP were on the same page and their unity had caused serious loss to the country. Earlier, PTI leader Iqbal Cheema held corner meetings in different areas of NA-120 and asked the party workers to work hard for the election day. PTI’s Murad also appreciated campaign and hoped Yasmin would win the election.