“Turkish businessmen are eager to share their experience, knowledge and capital with their Pakistani brothers” said proudly by the chairman of Anatolian Tigers Business Association in a two- days conference in Islamabad recently on 12th of August . 

Pak-Turk relationship has been seen frequently, increasing their investments in Pakistan for improvement of some major sectors including mainly textile, transportation, housing and tourism industries. 

The bilateral trade has increased between both countries about $610 millions in 2016 . Hopefully said by chairman of ASKON, “15000 companies of ASKON are willing to support Pakistani companies and institutions” is absolutely another success after CPEC Project. Pakistan seems developing day by day. 

Making a massive decision and action will possibly give a boom to the economy of Pakistan and compel the domestic and foreign investors to choose Pakistan as the most peaceful and advantageous country to have high investments. 


Turbat, August 16.