LAHORE - Pir Syed Kabir Ali Shah, Amir of the Aalmi Chadar Orh Tehrik, on Sunday presided over the 13th Hejab Conference at Alhamra Art Centre, warning all concerned that Muslims would not compromise on the law about finality of prophethood at any cost.

He declared that the tehrik would continue its struggle for eradication of narcotics from the society. “We torch bags of cigarettes”, said Shah, who is among people very close to the late Majid Nizami.

The tehrik is motivating women to observe pardah in all situations. For this purpose, it provides them chadars (shawls) so that they don’t have to pay from their own pockets. So far, the movement has provided about 1.1 million chadars to women.

The response from the female folk has been quite encouraging, as a result of which the Tehrik plans to provide more shawls to women willing to observe pardah.

Pir Kabir Ali Shah made it clear that the Tehreek has no political objectives and was promoting pardah only as a religious obligation. He was critical of the growing use of cell phones at educational institutions, and called for a ban on the device so that teachers and students could focus on educational activities.

Former Federal Shariat Court Judge Farooq Ahmed Sheikh fully endorsed tehreek’s campaign, and said observance of pardah was a divine injunction. He dismissed as baseless the argument that pardah is a hurdle to progress and development.

He said women could take part even in jihad but observance of pardah was necessary.

Electronic Media Reporters Association President Adnan Malik was all praise for Pir Kabir Ali’s mission to promote pardah. The initiative has raised the status of Shah, he said.

Malik was of the view that the status accorded by Islam to the women folk had no parallel.

Lt Gen (retd) Ghulam Mustafa, MPA Nadeem Abbas Bara, Actor Sohail Ahmed aka Azizi and Nasir Iqbal also addressed the participants.