GUJRANWALA-In view of the increasing trend of submitting complaints for blackmailing the opponents, the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) has decided to introduce new procedure under which the applicant have to give an affidavit on stamp paper about genuineness of his allegations.

The ACE regional director said some habitual applicants were in practice to give applications against government officers and contractors only for blackmailing them.

He said, “Such kind of applicants after having a deal with accused party, withdraw their applications which cause wastage of time of anti corruption officers.

Now the ACE Punjab director general has decided to introduce a new procedure for submitting the applications against government officers/officials or contractors etc.

Under this new procedure every applicant will have to submit an affidavit on stamp paper that the allegations levelled by him are genuine, he could prove this during investigations and if he withdraws his application at any stage, the ACE can take action against him according to the rules.”

The applicants have to produce two witnesses to prove the allegation while attested copies of CNIC and a photograph of the applicant should also be attached with the application.

Meanwhile, traffic police have arrested 10 youth involved in one wheeling and motorcycle racing. In-charge anti-one wheeling squad Zaheer Commando said that a group of young motorcyclists known as “Goli Racers” was involved in one-wheeling and motorcycle race at midnight on GT Road, which often causes accidents.

On the directions of higher officers, the squad arrested 10 youth and cases have been got registered against them.

PROTEST: Dozens of citizens staged a demonstration protest in front of DHQ Hospital against alleged torture on a youth by hospital security guard.

The protesters chanted slogans against the hospital administration and alleged that hospital security guards treated the citizens in a rough manner. Increasing torture incidents in DHQ Hospital proved that such guards had full support of hospital administration because no action was observed against any guard in the past, they said.

The protesters alleged that recently hospital security guard not only tortured a youth by locking him in a room but got registered a case against him also.

They demanded the high ups to take action against in the matter and guilty security guards may be punished so that in future no such type of incident could be occurred.