Balochistan is full of great and talented cricketers and footballers whose talents have been neglected the most in the country. The players only get disappointments after the rejection to play in Pakistani Teams and PSL. In fact, Baluchistan is too a province like Punjab, Sindh and KPK where the talented youngsters has desires and wishes to be the part of the team by making the nation a shining star in the globe but unfortunately those stars are being burnt and pushed backwardness. 

Today, we cannot find a single Baloch player in our Pakistani teams whether that is, hockey, football, and cricket or in other team. Everyone is well-aware that in past; the Teams had lost multiple matches even World Cups because of those players who had taken corruption by the other teams. The players selections by the expert’s coaches should be very much strong and select those talented players who really deserve the job, not those who want to defame the nation by doing corruption. It is the fault of our coaches who select the players in corruption basis as in consequences the players too would get involve in corruption and cannot play well for the team, they only remain as the failure for the country. 

So I humbly request to the Pakistan Cricket Board including others other teams Board to not neglect the Balochistan’s talented Youth and select those talented players who are honest enough and can sacrifice their hard work for brightening the future of Pakistan because these players are representing the entire nation to the world. 


Kech, August 20.