LAHORE (PR) - Prof Dr Khalid Mahmood, neurosurgeon of the Punjab Institute of Neuro Sciences at Unit-II of the Lahore General Hospital, has introduced treatment method of “Trigeminal Neuralgia” disease in which patient is treated for face pain without opening head.

After DBS treatment for Parkinson’s, Prof Khalid Mahmood successfully completed this treatment and 54 years old Afzal Javed recovered yesterday. Giving details, this patient said that he was having difficulties and problems in chewing food or brushing teeth but now he is totally fine and normal.

Prof Khalid said that to treat the face pain without opening the head injection  is given at the lower part of cheek which reaches the lower part of brain and affects the blood supply vein. He said that temperature of blood supply vein coming from brain is controlled at 60/100 and this injection applies accordingly. Prof Khalid said that in this way of treatment the patient neither needs medicines or stay at the hospital and treated in minimum time for the recovery of the whole disease. He added that other doctors should also focus on the research and the latest methods of treatment as in future the survival is attached with the modern methods.

He expressed the hope that in the coming days this facility would be available in other public sector hospitals and more patients would get benefit from this facility.  It is mentionable that no other government hospital has such provision of treatment for face pain through this system.

Talking about his recovery, 54 years old AC mechanic of Multan Afzal Javed said that he was in extreme pain before this and treatment given by Prof Khalid Mahmood was not less than a blessing for him. He said he was thankful to him and the administration of Lahore General Hospital.