PM Imran Khan in his first address to nation promised across the board accountability for all those involved in corruption, money laundering etc. It is surprising that Chief Executive of Omni Group, who was fit enough to travel by air from Dubai, while on remand for investigation is facilitated to get admitted in a hospital. How can any investigations be conducted when the accused is in a hospital? 

If former PM Nawaz can be sentenced to 10 years imprisonment by NAB court for having assets and living beyond his means than everybody must face accountability. A medical board was instituted twice before the former convicted PM was allowed to be treated in a hospital. In the Medina Welfare State concept, which PM Imran Khan talked about is to be implemented, than every criminal or accused should be treated equally and fairly. 

Pakistan has suffered enough because of the greed of few, who consider it kosher to pilfer this state, pay no taxes and abuse their power. When those declared as Loan Defaulters by State Bank are given important public office such as Speaker in Punjab, than doubts arise. Former President Musharraf declared absconder, with non-bailable arrest warrants has the audacity to put conditions for his return. His money trail for owning assets in Dubai, London etc is as much trivial as that given by Nawaz. Corruption has increased in Pakistan because almost every government including military junta of Musharraf and AZ or MNS has used this as a tool for political maneuvering. One hopes that PM Imran Khan will stand up to his promises. 


Peshawar, August 20.