THESSALONIKI - Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Sunday said his government would complete its four-year term despite disagreement with his coalition partner over a disputed name deal with Macedonia. Tsipras said his coalition partner Panos Kammenos, head of the Independent Greeks party, "will not endanger the country's recovery and political stability". "The country needs political stability," he told a news conference in Thessaloniki. Elections are not scheduled for another year but Kammenos has vowed to do everything in his power to block the deal, including leaving the government. The preliminary agreement with Macedonia in June, to be confirmed by a referendum by Skopje later this month and a Greek parliamentary vote early in 2019, will see the Balkan state renamed North Macedonia. The tiny landlocked country had joined the United Nations in 1993 as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Greece also has a northern province named Macedonia, the heart of Alexander the Great's ancient kingdom, and many Greeks fear the deal will officially enable Skopje to lay claim to their cultural heritage.