The recent status quo in Kashmir reflects that the muslims are dumb, deaf and blind to fellow muslims. They lost brethren relation with other muslims. The whole world bears witness that Indian supremacist primer Modi is playing foul with muslims in IHK. The brutal Indian soldiers are inhumanely treating these innocent children, women and men in the Kashmir valley. There atrocities are condemned at all human and socio-political forums around the world.

My heart literally weeps when I read about Muslim Arab countries who are garlanding fascist modi who is encouraging Hindutva movement in India and is operationalizing the ethnic cleansing military operation against the muslims in all India. He is repeating the historical mistake of Nazi party whose ideology was anti-human and against the peace of world. The Germany was collapsed into pieces due to chavisnism and jingoism. Today India is rolling in this bloody Hindutva ideology at the risk of muslims and other minorities in India. This whole ignominy of modi is ignored by Arab countries who are decorating highest national civilian awards to modi. The Saudi as well as Abu Dhabi has shown hypocracy to the rest of muslim countries that they have no concern of Muslim brotherhood. They lack feelings for muslim ummah because this world favours the political and regional power above all. The muslims living in kashmir and philistine or in the rest of world live or die under the suppression of Israel or India or Burma but they have no concern for them.

We being a muslim have a duty to care the fellow muslim because we are accountable to the supreme Lord at the day of judgment. Allah shall dispense the fair justice here and hereafter. But the hypocrisy of Arabs is open to our eyes that they shall not play a part to solve the issue. They believe to possess only the regional power in the middle or central Asia and the Asia.