In the wake of the month-long lockdown in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), the Indian authorities tightened the security further in the region of Srinagar due to the Muharram processions taking place despite the ban on processions due to the indefinite emergency in the region, stripping people off their basic rights. India has been torturing the people of the region for a period of one month. Dismantling people who come out to commemorate religious gatherings is a violation of the fundamental rights of the people. There is clear discrimination against the Muslim community in the region and by not allowing them to fulfill their religious duties, the Indian government is not only inciting the population for being violent but is also shutting down any avenues for cooperation between them and the people. The use of tear gas and live ammunition in the air is being reported during processions and any journalist trying to cover these atrocities is being met with state violence.

There is no change in the situation of the Kashmiris despite the pressure on India in the international political regime after being exposed to its wrongdoings in IOK. The Modi government is adamant on changing the demographics of the region and is not paying any heed to the international pleas of granting the people of Kashmir their basic human rights, as promised in the human rights charter, which India is a signatory of in the United Nations (UN).

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi will be attending the 42nd session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) beginning in Geneva. The aim of his presence is to shed light on the plight of Kashmiris and to meet leaders of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and World Health Organisation in Geneva. It is important that Pakistan succeeds in the diplomatic stride as it will very well determine the future of the Kashmiri people. Pakistan has been faithful to the cause of the Kashmiris since independence and the people have suffered for a very long time for choosing to not follow the fascist government in India. India should be contained before the damage is irreparable. Human rights crises deserve the attention of the global community and the region of South Asia has been a hub of instability for a long time. The situation can only be improved with the dedicated mediation of nations signatory of the human rights charter.