According to social media, despite raising sugar high blood pressure and old age, Zardari has directed his party, relatives and well-wisher not to submit application to courts for shifting him to health facilities. jail is jail, though how comfortable it may be but Zardari has kept his past tradition of not to bow before his tormentors.

Callous PTI government utterly forget the basic rule of law that is ‘innocent until proven guilty’. But in this strange government everyone issues edict of ‘corrupt Zardari’. But even if guilt is proven, the civilized democracies treat convicts of capital crime with humanity and provide them all the facilities particularly medical treatment without request from the convicted. From a layman perspective, the accused are not kept behind bars indefinitely but are only taken into custody when proven guilty or set free if proven innocent through a fair trial. But here in case of common persons or high profile personalities they are kept behind bars for months and years on mere suspicion. This kind of accountability is questionable, smells partiality, political motives and history has proven that no high profile personality has convicted and completed his or her jail terms.

Asif Ali Zardari is typical case study who remained in jail for 11 long years without proven guilty. The government and worthy accountability chief should look into this matter from humanitarian grounds. I cannot say that Asif Ali Zardari, Faryal Talupur, Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz with other political prisoners should be set free with clean chit but they should be set free on bail and if cases proven they should be treated according to law. And generally speaking this rule should apply to all common accused. Otherwise the fears of the people that top leadership of both mainstream parties is being politically victimized whereas, those herds of ministers, advisers and Assembly members who were part of these parties enjoy government largess. This is indigestible for the people with political appetite that all with PM Khan are innocent but their past leaders are guilty.

Furthermore, the perception that Zardari and his sister are being victimized for transferring powers to federating units through 18th amendment is gaining currency particularly in Sindh. And bodes not well at a juncture when Pakistan is facing unprecedented economic stress and external security challenges that calls or political unity and stability