Peshawar       -   Special Assistant to Chief Minister for Minority Affairs Wazirzada on Wednesday said that 2% quota had been allocated for minority community students in all colleges of the province while 5% quota had been allocated for recruitment in government departments. 

During a meeting with National Lobbying Delegation for Minority Rights in Peshawar, he said the provincial government had already passed a resolution from assembly for 2% quota for minority students in colleges of the province which was being implemented. 

The delegation included Haroon Sarbdial, a social activist for minority rights from Peshawar, Khalid Shehzad and Asif Aqeel from Lahore, Romana Bashir from Islamabad and others. 

Wazirzada said, “In the light of the resolution, minority students are being admitted in all colleges of the province under 2% quota.” He said all universities and other institutions of higher learning in the province would also allocate quota for minorities. 

Wazirzada said an integrated strategy had already been formulated under the leadership of Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan to ensure rights of minorities in the province. 

The Special Assistant said that work on housing schemes for the minority community would be started soon. Housing schemes for minorities would be established in the headquarters of all the newly merged tribal districts and in other four settled districts of the province. 

Wazirzada said the provincial government had also allocated funds for the livelihood and marriage grants for minorities. He said that annual stipend of RS.30’000 had already been given to minority religious scholars so as to encourage them. 

Wazirzada said that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was at the forefront of minority development as compared to other provinces. He said that apart from minority MPAs of the provincial government, other members of the provincial assembly were also taking steps for the rights of minorities. He said that under the leadership of Chief Minister Mahmood Khan, we would make the prosperity and development of the minority community possible. 

The delegation appreciated and thanked the provincial government for the steps taken for the development of the minority community.