LAHORE - Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Umar Sheikh on Wednesday visited the Traffic Sector Cantt and North Cantonment Police Station in a private car.

 The CCPO deliberately violated seat belt and mobile phones rules to check performance of wardens. Traffic Warden Khurram posted in Traffic Sector Cantt stopped the vehicle and demanded documents stating the violation. 

On the occasion, the CCPO observed the behaviour of traffic wardens towards general public.  He received a fine ticket on traffic violation. 

Later, he himself paid a challan fee from a nearby franchise.  Umar Sheikh, impressed by behaviour of the traffic wardens announced appreciation certificate and cash prizes to three fellow wardens, including Warden Khurram.

Later, the CCPO visited North Cantonment police station and requested to get registered a report about theft of a motorcycle at the front desk to check the first response of the police. 

He also checked records of detainees in custody besides sanitation arrangements. 

He directed the DSP to expedite the action against the proclaimed offenders.