ISLAMABAD           -         The cave angel fish was first observed walking on rocks in a Thailand cave four years ago and now, scientists have identified nearly a dozen species of fish with the same ability. 

The team analyzed pelvic structures of about 30 hill stream loach species and found 11 match that of the rare, blind Cryptotora thamicola identified in 2016. Using CT scan, the results described three categories of pelvic formation for the first time and allowed researches to determine the structure that provides walking capabilities. 

These species have more robust sacral rib connections between an area of cartilage that supports the fins and the spinal column, enabling them to walk out of water with a tetrapod‐like lateral‐sequence. The discovery was made by researchers from the Florida Museum of Natural History, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Louisiana State University and Maejo University in Thailand. Biologist Zachary Randall, manager of the Florida Museum’s imaging lab and one of the study’s co-authors, said: ‘Fishes don’t usually have any connection between their spine and pelvic fin.’