KARACHI   -  Karachi police on Wednesday claimed that the prime suspect Nawaz, who was arrested soon after rape and murder of the five-year-old child Marwah in Essa Nagri neighbourhood, was behind the cold-blooded act that sparked anger in the city. 

The police reached the conclusion after it traced a piece of cloth, found from the garbage heap where Marwah’s burnt body was found, to the residence of the suspect. 

“We found the similar piece of cloth from Nawaz’s home, who is also a neighbour of the victim,” the PIB police said as they waited for the final confirmation of his involvement through DNA verification process. 

The police had also apprehended two son’s of Nawaz and besides three of them, they had sent DNA samples of 18 other suspects, majority of them living in the neighbourhood without their families, for matching it with the sample collected on the victim. The PIB police claimed that they became suspicious against the suspect for the first time when they found his home washed properly during the first visit. “The family of Marwah also cast their suspicion on Nawaz,” they said.

The investigators probing the matter on Wednesday also utilized geo fencing process to help the police department in tracking the suspects’ locations. Police officials said that the prime suspect, Nawaz, changed his statements consistently during the probe.

They added that Nawaz had failed to provide satisfactory answers to the investigators which increased the suspicions of his involvement in the brutal rape and murder case.

Meanwhile, Sindh Governor Imran Ismail also visited the residence of Marwah on Wednesday and assured the family of his complete support from the government.

“We will arrest the culprit come what may,” he said while condoling with the victim’s family.