QUETTA President Balochistan National Party (Mengal), Sardar Akhtar Mengal while terming 18th Amendment a 'fraud has said that provincial autonomy and abolishment of concurrent list have no meaning for them. He said that 1973 Constitution could not save its founder from a General then how it can protect the rights of Balochs. He was addressing a public meeting at Chakar Khan Road on telephone from Germany on Saturday. He said that struggle of Baloch was not for provincial autonomy rather it was for right of self-determination and nothing short of it will be acceptable to them. He said that 'Balochs were befooled in the name of Islam, one unit, democracy, referendum and Constitutional packages but they could not be deceived by 18th Amendment now. 'Alms will not be acceptable for Balochs from Islamabad, he said,adding, that Baloch wanted their control on their coast and resources. He said that both the Governor and Chief Minister of Balochistan were powerless while army and establishment were the real masters there and both military and civilian establishment were pursuing those policies which were framed during the govt of former dictator Pervez Musharraf. He alleged that genocide of Balochs was continuing. 'This can be gauged from the fact that many Balochs lost their lives due to operation during the government of claimants of democracy, he said, adding, that there was no democracy for Balochs. He further said that judiciary could not play any role for thousands of Balochs who were languishing in the torture cells of intelligence agencies and security forces. He said that Baloch were confronted with a very difficult situation and unity amongst their ranks and files was the dire need to protect their identity, coast and resources. Acting President of party Doctor Jehanzeb Jamaldini, Secretary General Habib Jalib Advocate, Chairman of BSO Mohi-ud-Din Baloch, Agha Hassan Baloch, former MNA Rauf Mengal and others also addressed the public meeting. They said that Pakhtuns of Balochistan were their brothers. 'Balochs have no objection if Pakhtuns of Balochistan want to join Khyber- Pakhtoonkhwa but demand for declaring Balochistan a bi-lingual province will not be acceptable, BNP leaders added. They said that population of Pakhtuns would be 28 per cent if Afghan refugees were sent back to their country.