MIRPUR (AJK) - AJK Legislative Assembly Speaker Shah Ghulam Qadir maintained here Saturday that the ongoing judicial crisis in Azad Jammu Kashmir would be resolved according to the Constitution and the law. Talking to this scribe at the annual ceremony of a private sector school, Qadir said that AJK acting President of AJK could exercise the powers, being enjoyed by the permanent President of the state under the interim act of 1974 the AJK Constitution. He categorically denied reports about observance of minus-one or minus-two formulas to resolve the judicial crisis. According to him, the ruling Muslim Conference Supremo Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan is our leader and he has never termed unconstitutional the reference, filed in the Supreme Judicial Council against the dysfunctional Chief Justice of AJK Justice Muhammad Reaz Akhter Chaudhry. The AJK LA speaker asserted that only the acting Chief Justice AJK SC Justice Syed Manzoor ul Hassan Gillani led Supreme Judicial Council enjoyed the legitimate status. He wondered to how the dysfunctional Chief Justice Reaz Akhter Chaudhry-led SJC could be described lawful and constitutional since no official notification about formation of this SJC has been issued. Holding the constitution as supreme in the state instead of the personalities, he said the current judicial crisis would be resolved entirely according to the constitution and the law and not according to the wishes and notions of any individual or the group. To a question, he categorically denied the impression that he as the then Acting President had filed the reference against the Chief Justice of AJK Justice Reaz Akhter Chaudhry hastily. I read word after word and each line of the text of the reference I got assured that it was moved with the advice of the AJK Prime Minister, he said. To another question, he said: AJK President Raja Zulqarnain Khan was highly respectable for the government and the ruling party. Zulqarnain is neither tendering resignation from the office nor was any impeachment being moved against him, he categorically said. Yet another question about the impending appointment of three new judges, Shah Ghulam Qadir said since it was not his subject, the names of the new judges could be enquired from the AJK Prime Minister, Raja Farooq Haider, he added. Ends