The power crisis persists unabated threatening to stall whatever little progress is being made for achieving the countrys development goals. As more and more sectors get affected, hundreds of millions suffer the consequences. They are all being deprived of the kind of life they can reasonably expect to lead in an emerging country. The government must recognise the great magnitude of the problem and its repercussions. Time now to pursue the issue with the utmost resolution it requires. It must be ingrained like some mantra in minds of our administration now that our number one priority is none other but to eradicate this power crisis by whatever means necessary. The present government cannot be blamed for this crisis. It is a problem that had accumulated over years under the previous government. But going on blaming them for our present woes would not do now. We are quite aware of what wreckage has been caused by their failures and the way we voted in the last elections was a reflection of that. What we want to see now is that this government should provide the leadership they didnt. And energy is one issue on which they have the greatest opportunity, albeit with greatest of obstacles, to show and prove their mettle. -SYED HASSAM AHMED, Karachi, April 10.