Article 6 of the constitution is something of a chimeraa wishful thought or a piece of utter optimism. Its akin to saying that because we have a Section 302 in the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC), no murders would take place. Hanging a dictator, as the Leader of Opposition Ch Nisar suggests, would not solve the issue. After all, murderers do go to the gallows and yet the murders continue to take place. The country would be rid of dictators only when it is cleansed of dirty politicians who act as their cohorts. Till that happens, any of the relevant provisions of constitution withstanding, there would always be a messiah lurking somewhere in the wings, ready to take over to do the sanctimonious task of doing the cleansing. And the public would also welcome him with open arms, at least initially. This is how it has always been. The only viable solution therefore, is to rid the country of dirty politicians if we dont want dirty dictators. -S MAZHAR ABBAS, Rawalpindi, April 10.