ISLAMABAD People of Mauza Senu of Tehsil Murree have threatened to stage a protest sit-in on the Expressway if the Bridge & Road project involving Rs 30 million is not constructed at Point Samli Bramal and while talking to TheNation, a serving Wing Commander has categorically denied his influence for the approval of the project. A group of aggrieved people of Mauza Sanu wishing not to be named told this scribe that MNA Fouzia Habib had inaugurated this project at an unjustified place. A few kilometers ahead from the village Phari the appropriate place was Samli Bramal. If the project is executed at Samli Bramal, it will directly benefit 800 households of Mauza Senu. Senu is the largest Mauza in Teshil Murree. It would be quite unfair if the major population is ignored by implementing the project at Point Phari, where only few households of villages Phari and Numb will be benefited. The budget allocation to this project is over-estimated, they claimed and said, We will demonstrate until the justice is done with the residents of Mauza Sanu. When this scribe contacted the Wing Commander, he categorically denied his involvement or any influence in the projects approval. He said, It was the demand of the people of Phari and Numb villages. I have nothing to do with it. I have only 50 kanals inherited land in the village Numb. I have no intention at all to establish any housing society in the village. I havent even my house in the village. I believe this project will benefit five villages. When questioned whether he has any contact with Fouzia Habib, he said he met her only once in his life. He rejected the allegations of getting favourite from her saying the same are unfounded and baseless. To a question whether he owns any land in Shamlat, he said, not at all. I have only approximately 50 kanals land in the village Numb. To yet another question whether the demand of Samil Bramal residents is justified, he said, it would be better if they demand it from their elected representatives. We will be happy if the same nature project is given to the poor people of the area, he maintained. Talking to TheNaiton, residents of Village Phari wishing not to be named, said that this project will indirectly benefit Leeran, Maal and Senu villages. They believe that the demand of Sanu Mauza residents for the construction of this project at Point Samli Bramal is unjustified as it would be needing approximately Rs 100 million access to IMDC. Another resident said, We are underdeveloped since 1947. it is true that we are less in household number as compared to Senu, but it is our fundamental right to have development including education, health and access to market. We were ignored by the successive governments but now this government has accepted our longstanding demand for the road and bridge in our area. To a question whether this project was approved to facilitate the said Wing Commander, he was quick to say, No, not at all. The Wing Commander inherited approximately 40 to 50 kanals land in village Numb. He does not have any house in the village. He further said that it is our right to have this development project. There are some opponents, I believe, who are against the development in our area. This project is for the local poor villagers and not for the Wing Commander. This government has rightly addressed our problem. When this scribe contacted the XEN of the Project Mushtaq Sheikh, he said, I have supervised the feasibility and designing of the project. It involves Rs 30 million. Out of this allocation Rs 15 million will be used for construction of the bridge while rest of Rs 15 million would be consumed for three-kilometer road from IMDC to village Numb. To a question whether this budget was overestimated, he said, it is what the technical expert had asserted keeping in view the demographic aspect. Since it is a hilly area we will be constructing culverts to discharge rainy water, retaining walls, cutting and filling altogether. When this scribe contacted MNA Fouzia Habib to know whether she would address the problems of the residents of Senu area, she simply refused to talk in this regard.