LAHORE - A book on the revolutionary history of the founder party of Pakistan Muslim League (PML) from 1906-1947, has been published under the auspices of Nazria Pakistan Trust. The book with the title 'Tarikh All-India Muslim League 1906-1947" was a combined research work of Dr Sarfraz Hussain Mirza and Prof Hanif Shahid. A unique aspect of the book is that none of account relating to the PML has been mentioned without the authority. The book was presented to Chairman of Nazria Pakistan Trust Majid Nizami by its compilers on Saturday. Secretary of the Trust Shahid Rashid and Additional Secretary Rafaqat Riaz were also present on the occasion. Majid Nizami searched through various parts of the books praised the work and called it a precious gift for the teachers and students of Pakistan Movement. Comprising 760 pages, the book is available at Nazria Pakistan Trust building, The Mall for Rs 500 a copy.