ISLAMABAD Denouncing the lawyers countrywide protest plan, Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) on Saturday endorsed the idea of formation of the National Judicial Commission for judges appointment. PBC committee, in its meeting, alleged that recent appointments of certain judges in the judiciary were made against the merit. The said body expressed its concerns over deadline set in the National Judicial Policy for disposal of pending cases. The PBC committee also asked the Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chuadhry to consider decision of the National Judicial Policy Making Committee for calling back the judicial officers appointed on administrative posts. After the meeting of PBC, Abul Inam, Vice President of PBC along with four provincial vice presidents of PBCs, said the body had decided in principle that the lawyers across the country would not hold strikes without approval of the central PBC and provincial PBCs. According to him, earlier, 'some so-called lawyers bodies used to hold strikes, which would not be allowed now. The PBC, in its meeting, has decided that the lawyers across the country would abide by its decision, he added. He also warned 'certain so-called lawyers leaders of action if PBC role was undermined. About formation of a judicial commission, he said the committee in todays meeting had endorsed the idea, however, he expressed concerns over future role of members of the parliamentary committee. It may politicise judges and undermine independence of judiciary, as the Parliament has no previous experience regarding appointment of judges, he added. He also stressed that the judges should be appointed on merit.