PML-Q on Sunday reiterated its call to vote against renaming the NWFP as Khyber-Pukhtunkhwa in the Senate, claiming it was against the wishes of the people of Hazara, a private TV reported. Speaking to the media in Abbotabad, PML-Q president, Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain accused PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif of betraying the people of Hazara, despite the fact that he called Hazara his so-called 'second home'. Hussain made it clear that his party would support the people of Hazara in their fight for the protection of their identity and rights. He said the people of Hazara had rendered great sacrifices for the creation of Pakistan and that his party would support them in their movement. Also speaking on this occasion, provincial president of PML-Q, Engineer Ameer Muqam said he would never support such a controversial name for NWFP although he himself was a Pakhtun.