LAHORE - Relatives of 15 people murdered in a village Sariha of Gujrat called on the Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif at Chief Ministers Secretariat here Saturday and thanked him for the arrest of the accused. They also thanked the CM for visiting Sariha village immediately after the incident for sharing their grief and made promise for early arrest of the accused. They said that upon the arrest of the accused, the chief minister has fulfilled his promise and they have specially come here to thank him. The CM talking to the relatives of the deceased said that murder of 15 people is a brutal incident. He assured the heirs of the deceased that justice will be provided to them in accordance with the law. During the meeting a heart-rending scenes were witnessed when an elderly man became emotional while describing the murders of his two sons and a young man about the murder of his two brothers, the chief minister hugged and consoled them. After the meeting, the chief minister came out to see them off.