May I ask the IJT, the so called 'Islami Jamiat-e Tulaba that which 'Islam advocates manhandling and thrashing of teachers? I have little hesitation in saying that this group has ruined the peace and good name of Punjab University. Due to this student organization, a number of senior and highly qualified professors have left the university and others are mulling to do so. The other day I heard a leader of this group speak on television. Being 'Islami of his own type, he was telling lies upon lies. There was a similar group in the UET Lahore as well. Its leader was a terrorist too and teachers of that university also had the misfortune of being thrashed as well. The leader at the UET used to charge bhatta from the wagons which plied on the GT Road in front of the university. Using the booty system he got a degree too. Now that man is one of our MNAs and might become a minister very soon. The question is what should be done? The answer is simple. Student unions should be banned completely. Any student having political affiliation should be thrown out of university immediately. Students should not be allowed to interfere in administrative affairs of the university. At the same time, the government, and our MNAs and MPAs, should not poke their noses in affairs of the universities. If this is not done soon, no one would recognize our degrees abroad. PROF. DR. MUHAMMAD AJMAL (Rtd), Lahore, April 10.