ISLAMABAD Although the ruling coalition has faced no difficulty in getting the 18th Amendment Bill passed from the National Assembly but the passage of the same from the Senate seemed a bit difficult and the Government is yet to complete the number game and the tabling of the bill in Upper House of the Parliament may be delayed further. Sources in the ruling coalition and those who have reservations on some amendments proposed in the 18th Amendment Bill informed TheNation that the ruling coalition would be requiring some 67 votes to get the Amendment passed from the House of 100 for which the ruling PPP and its allies were busy in contacting the parties even having a single vote in the Upper House. The sources in the Government informed that the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party had contacted the leadership of Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid, which was having the largest number of MPs (21) in Upper House after PPP. The sources said that as PML-Q had not come out clear on extending unflinching support to the 18th Amendment Bill in the Upper House and the ruling coalition was forced to redo its homework to win the number game in the Senate. The sources in the ruling coalition further informed that it was due to the uncertain response of PML-Q on extending complete support to the ruling coalition in the Upper House that the matter of tabling of 18th Amendment Bill in both the houses of the Parliament simultaneously was deferred to complete the homework. The sources further said that over the past couple of days the ruling coalition had taken on board eight members from the FATA, five independent Senators from Balochistan, all members from the nationalist parties of Balochistan, PML-N and even a few members from PML-Q had also assured to extend support to the passage of 18th Amendment Bill from the Upper House. The sources in the Government informed that JUI-F was having four members in the Upper House and they would be extending support to the Government while most out of nine members hailing from MMA would be extending support to the Government for the passage of 18th Amendment. The sources in the Government said that the ruling coalition was trying to get the 18th Amendment passed from the Upper House unanimously. The sources further said that the Government was all set to table the 18th Amendment Bill before the Upper House on Monday but in case they saw some difficulty in managing the number game they could delay it further for a day or so to convince the members to extend unconditional support to it.